morebus visits Longfleet Primary School

Tuesday, May 08 2018

Children from Longfleet Primary School in Poole received a big surprise when local bus operator Morebus visited them this month.

The treat followed an approach by Morebus driver Andy Wilson to his grandson’s school, to see if he could bring a bus to take pupils on a ride through the Poole bus depot and bus wash as part of their transportation month.

“We never pass up an opportunity to engage with local schools and fuel children’s interest in buses,” said Andy. “The school was so enthusiastic, and bit our hands off - so we took more than 80 pupils on a bus ride and then on a tour of our depot and bus wash. They loved it - and I was so pleased to receive a card from them thanking me for the trip out.

“It’s so important to build strong links within the local community we serve - and that means involving youngsters in what we do.”

Louise Cox, head of reception, from Longfleet Primary School added: “The children really enjoyed their trip out with Morebus. It’s great to see a major local business making the effort to engage with the region’s schoolchildren. The trip out really helped with our focus on transportation this month - and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this experience in the classroom.”


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